This video encompasses all of the projects done at TRG while I was employed there.  Due to the terms of my contract there, I can only display portfolio pieces that they currently have showcased online. 


Projects in the reel that I worked on:

Kitchenaid: Model Cleanup, Retouching

WR Video with Money on Fish Hook: Animator

Paint Mixer Video: Camera Animation

Kraftmaid Cabinets: Rendering and Retouching

Schlage: Model Cleanup, Lighting, Rendering, Retouching

Sony: Model Cleanup, Animation


My role on this project was as rigger for the motor, which was a task I did often and excel at.  I cleaned up the model after we converted it from CAD to OBJ. Also I worked as the animator on this project and render wrangler. I worked on a team with one other person who handled the texturing and lighting for the scene.